Alternative Youth Activities, Inc.

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Electives and  Special programs at Alternative Youth Activities, Inc.

  •  AYA Serves students in the ninth through twelth grades.
  •  In collaboration with Douglas and Coos County School District,  students at very high risk of dropping out of school participate in tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, and summer enrichment programs.

The Mushroom Program:  Offers students an opportunity to earn a 3rd year science credit.  Lab experiences include pouring agar, cloning mycelial tissue to petri dishes, creating spawn, and preserving valuable mushroom strains.  The Mushroom Project is beginning its 5th year.  We have grown several species of Oyster, Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, and Pioppino.  Coos Head Food Store has been a valued participant by purchasing our products.

This last summer we began a project at the Coos Bay Boat Building Center.  Located only a few blocks to the west, students began to build a skiff. They were also instructed in how to make dove-tail joints by making boxes.

Cynthia helped us to attain grants, so we could take the students on the Tall Ships.  Students hoisted the sails themselves and attended to some fancifully told tales by real pirates  (Well, maybe historically dressed sailors).

Twenty-First Century Skills - Online classes

Second Life:  

Virtual Worlds are a safe enviroment to show students the inside of a nuclear plant. From the interior of an atom to the grandeur of the solar system, this mode of travel is kind to fossil fuels. Teacher, Scott Cooper, masterminds this offering from the Yoncalla site.  Teaching on-line requires specific skill sets so--kudos to the beloved Mr. Cooper.

OdysseyWare -  Empower's students and teachers with technology-based solutions that inspire learning.