Alternative Youth Activities, Inc.

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Alternative Education is a concept dear to the hearts of many in our community.

In the past thirty-five years,  AYA  established  schools from Florence to Brookings. Dedicated, highly qualified teachers plus a close-knit staff and volunteer network keep the spirit of alternative education alive and thriving. AYA excels in individualized instruction, with an average teacher/student ratio of 1:15.  AYA is known for successes in credit recovery.  Eighty-percent of our students attend for a term or two and return to their original school.  Blended-learning, computerized lessons in a brick and morter location providing  tech support, teacher and tutoring, expands the offered electives.  Cooperative Learning brings multifarious scientific concepts within the reach of  at-risk students.  Mushroom Culture, Wooden Boat Workshop, 21st Century Literacy and local environmental internships are becoming more available. Considering the non-economy of the Coastal environs... transitions from the right-of-passage stage known as high school graduation is a subject never far from the center of the table.  The complexities of The Oregon Diploma requirements can be navigated at AYA.  For at-risk students, accruing college credits prior to high school graduation can mean qualifying for Pell Grants. Americorp regularly presents to our student population. AH, travel, community service, credits--surely there will be a few takers. There is a wave of interest in welding among female and male students--thanks to Southwestern Oregon Community College's investment in the mobile welding lab. Apprenticeship opportunities are a solid solution for many of our graduates. Increasing involvement with ORCO ARTS tends to make the student believe that all things are possible.  The AYA crew sports strong advocates for every student daring to record their dream into the goal box.  There is no place like the Oregon Coast to emphasize "Spirit of Place" through water quality and environmental stewardship.  High Tech...High Touch.  Just for clarification, blue hair, piercings, tattoos --in spite of appearances--are not requirements for admission!

Our Mission:

Alternative Youth Activities, Inc. provides alternative educational opportunities to at-risk youth.  AYA believes that students learn at different rates and in different ways.  We believe students can succeed if provided with a program structured to each individual's needs, situations and educational goals.  We believe there is a need for alternative programs of educational instruction to meet the needs of students who are not currently attending or being successful in conventional school programs.

Vision Statement:

The school's foundation for success is embedded in its core values.  


Compassion and caring for the young people served by the school is paramount.

Boundaries: Setting firm boundaries for behaviors and outlining expectations for students is basic to the organization's success.  Assuring that boundaries are maintained and respected over time will assure that AYA is a safe place for all.  Local mediation services are accessible and available as a realistic alternative to inevitable conflicts.

Community: AYA is an essential ingredient in the continuum of services becoming known as Coos County Nuturing Community.  Student involvement in work experiences and volunteer work shine the light on the relevance of academic studies.

Education: Students seek out AYA for opportunities.  They may need new options for learning, or their behavior may have been unacceptable in another setting.  Students have self-selected out of the mainstream and AYA is offering a fresh slate.  The curriculum exhibits tolerance and appreciation for alternative expressions and learning styles.

Respect: Self-respect, and respect for others including students, volunteers, teachers, and staff. Students will respect the environment and AYA facility, grounds and "the neighborhood".  The organization is built upon and exemplifies respect in all aspects.

Innovation:  AYA is open to programming that may be viewed as outside the box.  These programs provide components that contribute to student goal attainment.  Whether it's technology, gardening, mushroom culture, music therapy or worm cultivation--creativity is welcome.